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Tel's Go Notes
Written for people who know the rules but not how to apply them in actual play.

Go is a board game. The current theory is that it was invented by the Chinese between 2,500 and 4,000 years ago, some centuries before the advent of Chess.

It may surprise you to know that it remains the most played board game in the World, with a profile in the East that far exceeds that of Chess in the West. It is not unusual for Sunday TV to provide Go tuition, or coverage of a major Go Tournament.

Go was subsequently adopted in Japan and Korea around 700 AD. However, it was not until the early 20th century that Go spread to the West, starting in Germany. Edward Lasker, the International Chess master, took the game to America, starting the New York Go Club. The game eventually spread across the World.

The rules of Go are very simple, in many ways more so than Chess. However, much like Chess, Go is a hugely engrossing game of great elegance and astonishing depth and richness. It will handsomely reward your efforts in learning the game.

Sample 9 by 9 game  Sample 9 by 9 beginners game.

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