Where would you play next?
Pro game - big moyo response move
White tenuki : attack or defence?
Time to tenuki?
What stones to save, and how ...
Small or large scale move for Black?
Which sub-plot to select?
Multiple groups at risk
To cut or not to cut
Capture race - which move next?
Tense point in a high dan game
A clean and simple fuseki
Neary alive in the centre
Critical juncture
Many options for White
Fuseki problem 3
Fuseki problem 2
Black in a tight spot
Best to leave the position as aji or not?
To defend or tenuki
The vital move?
Can Black escape capture?
Joseki abandoned early
Fuseki problem 1
Opportunities for Black
White is split in two
Tense position between 3 groups
White splits Black in two
An early fight reaches a peak
To defend or attack?
Where is the biggest area to play in?
A hard fight for White
Time to kill or not?
Guess the next move
Many choices in a pro game
Black needs to escape
Early in a professional game
White misses a vital killing move
5 dan early opening position
A tricky situation for both players
Time for the unexpected
Defend, attack or expand?
An interesting opening
An unusual professional fuseki
Another fuseki problem ...
A fuseki question
Time for White to tenuki
A game of sprawling fighting
Does White defend, attack, pincer or tenuki?
Volatile moment in 3p vs 1p pro game
A game of two large facing moyos
An early meeting of Minoru and Go Seigen
Should Black deal with the running stones?
An interesting joseki choice
After a struggle, White gains power
An interesting pro opening
An early corner fight
Key point in a pro game
Guess the player grades
Fighting starts very ealy
Whole board fighting
Large scale moyo too easy for Black
Black keeps White small in high handicap
Bad choice by Black
An early fight
Fairly uneventful, so what grades?
A well balanced opening
Some underplays in the opening
A very late, decisive kill
Maybe White spreads too thinly
Some strange repeating patterns
Expansive and clean opening
Just 23 moves to guess the grades
Some uncoventional moves ...
A very lively game ...
An opening with some strange moves
Very precise reading
Playing deep inside enemy lines
White overstretches somewhat ...
White gets into a pickle early on
A slightly unorthodox opening
Black fritters away a strong position
Very early fight gets messy
A White invasion backfires
A rambling fight ending with a double atari
Some loose play by both players
White lets Black split and undercut him
A neat and tidy opening ...
Can you guess the Black player grade?
All seven opening moves on the 3rd line
A mix of good and sloppy moves
A lively game, with fatalities along the way
Both players maintain a lot of pressure
Constant stream of pressure from White
Can you guess the Black player grade?
Intense and sustained fighting from the start
A nice early period of pressure by both players
White creates a very thin position
Fast and furious
White has a poor sense of important stones
Black breaks a large moyo in two
White on the run for life most of the game
A very volatile game
A central capture race fails on a flawed shape
White plays small on the side
Large scale opening
Some deviations from joseki
Tengen opening for Black
Tengen on Black move 3
Trying to reduce the left side
A very bloody battle
A clean and simple opening
Interesting positions
The biggest end game move not so obvious
Thinking about your moves
Alive or seki?
A neat way of connecting to a group
When not to play on the 4th line
Where I went wrong (number 4)
A vital move missed - can you see it?
Illustrating how one slip can be devestating
Buiding an escape but missing the vital move
Potentially massive late blunder
Some fighting ideas
Where I went wrong (number 2)
Where I went wrong (number 1)
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Archives of the first 150+ games from this site available in multi-game sgf files from just 6
Most game reviews here were written by a KGS 3 Kyu player to give a Kyu level perspective on games for Kyu players.
Game reviews
Beginnera300647000 [21k] vs [24k] Lavi19Black uses bad shape too often
takadeyt [10k] vs [23k] shadow45614White too slow to build in high handicap
excko06 [20k] vs [22k] TGTwo10White follows Black too much
gyilkos [20k] vs [22k] sainal22A demonstration of how not to play Go
Napatamo [20k] vs [21k] Yank14Some sharp play by newcomers to Go
swalter17 [21k] vs [21k] Jabari12Game between two relative newcomers to Go
20k-11kKingkold [20k] vs [20k] Kranich12Lively game by two 20 kyu players
Asperon [13k?] vs [20k] svx9White plays on too small a scale
ileanas [19k] vs [20k] Aonghus12White breaches a large Black moyo
feeldong [16k] vs [19k] leetaylor9Missed opportunities for Black
chyei [19k?] vs [19k] kendokax9Black plays too many small moves
Raawwrr [17k] vs [19k] dragonito12Too many small moves by Black
kjfdsdf [dan?] vs [19k] katha512Black plays far too passively
unix [18k] vs [19k] Cowslanlr13Black fails to see the urgent moves
oregonusa [15k] vs [18k] brogicus11White pays a big price for missing safety
Phule [17k] vs [17k] monkeyface14Missed opportunities for Black
churaaaaan [15k] vs [17k] Bryen11White lets a certain win slip away
CoryReed [17k] vs [17k] timike10White over-stretches too often
Schettler [17k] vs [17k] gabidj10White overplays and then blunders
cobusve [16k] vs [17k] deryaaa11Black defends his moyos too softly
kevin999 [17k] vs [16k] daninja12Failure to adhere to basics
paulttm [16k] vs [17k] kloutre10Game between 2 improving players
AutumnLeaves [15k] vs [16k] Bastian13A lack of adventure by White
gepot [11k] vs [16k] nikel11Black is too passive in high handicap
esaia10 [15k] vs [16k] wala11A game of missed opportunities
rosali [11k] vs [16k] Furious11Black insists on using fragmented shape
aem [12k] vs [15k] doitjkeee11Can Black defend a large central moyo?
Cheong [15k] vs [] Turtle212Feisty double digit kyu game
just4fun31 [14k] vs [15k] kendokax9Black lets White kill late on
oye [14k] vs [15k] TomStream9Black fails to see the danger signs
Vaniver [14k] vs [15k] oye12White lets a winning position slip away
lizeaux [15k] vs [15k] Seferi10White tries a game of central influence
Noelld2 [11k] vs [15k] brize9911Black lets White live in the centre
andycs1 [11k] vs [15k] f1nal12Black misses simple opportunities to win
viwviinsuv [15k] vs [15k] SmartThink14Players poles apart in understanding
Bukmopu9l [12k] vs [14k] lanafe9Too many slow moves by both players
jmertz [13k] vs [14k] churros1813White misses the big picture
RaiSez [13k] vs [14k] IyaUnova13Very high standard for a 14 kyu
code441 [14k] vs [14k] kailg15Black plays with local vision only
Govoroon [13k] vs [14k] dezi12Both players lack a sense of adventure
BoscoNg [12k] vs [14k] GOBlue14Great style for a 12 kyu
LEOLEO95 [11k] vs [14k] Emmeline12White creates too many weak groups
belettego [13k] vs [14k] tmorgan10Carelessness loses White the game
trionis [13k] vs [14k] VaeVictis11Black misjudgements cost him dearly
Kovi [13k] vs [14k] popoi10A game of many swings
Bandobras [11k] vs [13k] tctufts5313Multiple examples of over-stretching
garul [11k] vs [13k] SamuelSama10Illustrating the value of the double hane
paperhand [13k] vs [13k] brogicus9Avoidable mistakes by both players
belettego [13k] vs [13k] fw2809Black does not press hard enough
toshtuk [13k] vs [13k] kchion10Letting your opponent get away with too much
IceBearToe [11k] vs [12k] olmeca9Black too often fails to make living groups
rokkitsci [10k] vs [11k] kabe9Too many inefficient moves
Terriergo [5k] vs [11k] kendokax11Black fails at the key moment
Veelox [11k] vs [11k] lavion11Black fails to defend his moyo
peon [10k] vs [11k] kchion13An avoidable loss for White
jcha92 [10k] vs [11k] canik14A game with so many possibilities
ZenChai [10k] vs [11k] SamuelSama10White plays the sharper game
LeonidasCZ [10k] vs [11k] gome11White capitalises on some slack Black play
panayiotis [10k] vs [11k] cheetah0113A lively game that swung back and forth
domingoa [11k] vs [11k] Dmith12All too easy for Black
10k-1kPassw [7k] vs [10k] niclerouge7Too many blunders loses the game
nak5 [8k] vs [10k] Meiruji9Fast, decisive resignation
Smar [9k] vs [10k] rlaalswo11Black solid style but too conservative
boussole [6k] vs [10k] henrikr12Four stone handicap for a 10k
ititi [10k] vs [10k] LotusMind15Guest review by a KGS 1 dan
Gojangles [10k] vs [10k] khiro10Players too cautious in reducing moyos
bob38 [8k] vs [10k] kent195614A close game until a double blunder
ndt2802 [10k] vs [10k] martin5510White lets Black create a huge moyo
rokkitsci [10k] vs [10k] XIY10Black nearly kills a large running group
lazai [9k] vs [10k] LittleM10Greed loses Black a large lead
Jonie [10k] vs [10k] khaks13Gigantic moyo in a kyu game
eugescu [10k] vs [9k] terda9White is always one step ahead of Black
Mashiba [10k] vs [10k] BillW11Black lets White build a gigantic moyo
CardiffGo [1k] vs [10k] RocherCG12White wins 9 stone handicap with much luck
doubi [10k] vs [10k] Cunijuu13Rare to see such mismatched 10kyu players
Dmith [10k] vs [10k] MrbingO11Black fails to defend too many times
Jye [8k] vs [10k] bfMasters10Game of two halves
giga [10k] vs [10k] Duvel11Black plays with a very narrow focus
xingyou [3k] vs [9k] francis884Central strategy backfires
DezirealV3 [8k] vs [9k] falain054Calm, measured destruction
Epithany [2k] vs [9k] markuinis7Black follows White too much
jaylee [9k] vs [9k] marseye8Moyo attack breaks into sprawling fights
Sarafsa [1d] vs [9k] ran8Black gives White sente too often
remsleep [8k] vs [9k] Angry10A big capture race finale
positon [9k] vs [9k] brj12Some dan ideas in 9 kyu play
lkhs [7k] vs [9k] serenade12A large Black moyo is just about enough
kotgo [8k] vs [9k] siowy12White lets Black create a huge moyo
jury0603 [8k] vs [9k] Mainiuu10White misses the crucial moves
igoAggie [3k] vs [9k] enrah9Even game between 3k and 9k players
Schmidtch [9k] vs [9k] enjoytime10A game of large moyos
beenThere [7k?] vs [9k] leafcutter10Black fails to play the urgent moves
harukapapa [8k] vs [9k] mortymanta12Black fails to see the whole board enough
dezireal [8k] vs [9k] Vortex212White relies heavily on a central moyo
donchan45 [8k] vs [9k] goall8Black favours 1st to 3rd line moves too much
nibiru [8k] vs [9k] Dmith9Some missed opportunities
franck2 [7k] vs [8k] dragone3Black gets a lucky break
gream [8k] vs [8k] oiram3White counters a great Black start
mspiggy [7k] vs [8k] HocCoVay3Sprawling fighting
daeton [8k] vs [8k] star246A big group sits killable for ages ...
Epithany [3k] vs [8k] Barefoot17More ko fights than I have ever seen
cloclo [5k] vs [8k] Bandobras10Some clever moyo reducing moves by White
Smandoli [7k] vs [8k] Chris77710Missing the vital moves at the vital times
SailorSam [7k] vs [8k] Fiedia10Too many oversights by both players
Pillemann [7k] vs [8k] lit10Very sharp fighting for 7/8kyu level
conanbatt [6d] vs [8k] Oceandrop12An 8 kyu takes the fight to a 6 dan
gringostar [8k] vs [8k] Squale10Black fails to hurt White hard enough
covek [8k] vs [8k] chooking14All goes well until the final part ...
Aidan [8k] vs [2d] Practise8Even game between an 8k and a 2d
David925 [7k] vs [8k] Becubio10Black timing not quite there yet
Anonymous1 [7k] vs [8k] Anonymous29Poor shape costs Black dearly
Alunita [4k] vs [8k] byakuya20112Smart even-game win by 8k over a 4k
emill [7k] vs [8k] gosseyn10White fails to hold onto a huge moyo
emill [7k] vs [8k] tamv10Massacre by Black
Antarex [5k] vs [8k] BoILU9Lively 3 stone handicap game
Frango [1d] vs [8k] Eridor96 stones handicap against a 1 dan
MoffyUK [6k] vs [7k] Ronso14Black rushes to play too many local moves
siowy [7k] vs [7k] Eurikawa10White plays an unusual high game
SailorSam [6k] vs [7k] obelisc12Big central fight
Tampaika [6k] vs [7k] METETE10Black misses the vital moves
mecisa [5k] vs [7k] rog10Black plays on too small a scale
stone [7k] vs [7k] Incendium9Avoidable mistakes by both players
CardiffGo [3k] vs [7k] ted912Black is too cautious
breakfast [3p] vs [7k] dezireal14SPECIAL : Pro vs 7k without handicap
ping [5k] vs [7k] akropiv11Black falls far behind in the fuseki
Luvlybaby [3k] vs [7k] Nuno9White chooses the wrong direction of play
mars1909 [6k] vs [7k] Kennet10A lack of precision costs Black dearly
INOKI [7k] vs [7k] yh359Black kills an enormous White group
CardiffGo [3k] vs [7k] mayou8Aggression without defence
maruo [1d] vs [6k] Burton1Landslide victory ...
marcloon [4k] vs [6k] Epithany3Trying to kill everything
Ouglouk [6k] vs [6k] kis2White creates three running groups
Kaptain85 [5k] vs [6k] AMak12The White moyo proves too big for Black
molakaz [6k] vs [6k] Fenring10A late slip by Black in a close game
k999k [6k] vs [6k] byakuya2019White helps black get strong
kuabc12 [6k] vs [6k] Dmith8A topsy turvy game
fraub [5k] vs [6k] Eridor9Shape and direction problems for Black
aLidia [6k] vs [6k] GoGator11Short, sharp massacre
CardiffGo [3k] vs [6k] ohma9Black slips up on the finer details
Marlowe [6k] vs [6k] atos8A case of two large groups under attack
toyama [5k] vs [5k] myBlitzAcc6Carnage!
Fenring [4k] vs [5k] Katina7A moyo game becomes fragmented
kandidat [5k] vs [5k] Greenlove6Missed opportunities
iskarel [5k] vs [5k] hanskrens8Long, close, multi-group fight
GeorgeG [5k] vs [5k] Epithany9Can Black live in the large White moyo?
MoffyUK [5k] vs [4k] mohsart10Black over stretches far too much
lasersight [5k] vs [5k] stone8Many missed opportunities
frodwith [5k] vs [5k] ZenChai13Black too focussed on moyos
DrV [1k] vs [5k] Norman31410A game of group splitting examples
psitheta [4k] vs [5k] TurtleDove10Black misses too many opportunities
NeilM [3k] vs [5k] G0erwt9White plays with too many weak shapes
Griffith [5k] vs [5k] Eridor8Too many weak ko threats by White
starting [5k] vs [5k] somsak11An avoidable loss by Black
Goliamus [4k] vs [5k] Kaitokid159Black misses the vital moves too often
CardiffGo [1k] vs [5k] Vincible10Black pays big price for 2 early slow moves
munesan60 [5k] vs [5k] lysis10White leaves it too late to save a big group
CptCaveman [2d] vs [4k] toomasr17Clinical 2 dan destruction of a 4 kyu
NeilM [3k] vs [4k] kan35911Black pays the price for fast play
Hestler [3k] vs [4k] Boun10Early, decisive kill
facedi [2k] vs [4k] azusawatai10Too many gote moves loses the game
Actorios [4k] vs [4k] spooke910Black attacks from too thin a position
hiami [5d] vs [4k] Reigan9Very accurate fighting by a 5 dan
Zuzla [3k] vs [4k] Thorvald12Black loses sight of the whole board too often
zrg753 [3k] vs [3k] Hench3The price of greed
achernar [2k] vs [3k] manriev5A game of many twists and turns
kongming [3k] vs [3k] kawashima7Black frustrated trying to build moyos
Isao Yamashita [5d] vs [3k] Neil Moffatt17I try to out-fight a 5 dan
clydesdale [2k] vs [3k] NeilM9White fails to press Black hard enough
CardiffGo [3k] vs [??] TheUnas8A game of concerted aggression
WillFront [1k] vs [3k] dezireal12Central moyo yields big kills
Wuba [3k] vs [3k] CardiffGo9I tried hard to think differently
CardiffGo [3k] vs [3k] Park010Lively game with a sting in the tail
elilithe [1k] vs [3k] CardiffGo8Where I went wrong (number 3)
Lowlander [3k] vs [3k] CardiffGo8It is often in the small details
facedi [2k] vs [2k] yamanoso2Black too submissive
yamasemi [1k] vs [2k] Setsunai6Unusual fueski
klai [2k] vs [2k] nickelback9White very reluctant to spend time defending
herbert3 [2k] vs [2k] flaur6610Black misses a big killing move
zetiket [2k] vs [2k] bastido9White ends up with two running groups
Friedolin [1k] vs [2k] shinchan10An early 2 move ko
Maxime5 [2k] vs [2k] takasugiS13A rich and complex game
DooM [1k] vs [2k] newstart10White fails to defend at the key moments
JIOMOTEC [2k] vs [2k] Mithrandia9Black reads accurately to undermine White
GoPlayer [1k] vs [1k] rapidos4White is jealous of any Black territory
Kotee [1k] vs [1k] boshi7White fighting after being stretched thin
blue123 [1k] vs [1k] cocoro7Black plays with too many cutting points
cojicoji [4d] vs [1k] oracle9Gallant fighting by a 1k against a 4 dan
plusguy [4d] vs [1k] faceless19A 1 kyu takes on a 4 dan in an even game
zenger [1d] vs [1k] LonelyJoy12An example of patience against aggression
sima71 [1k] vs [1k] exocett11Risky strategy fails for White
aberdeen [2d] vs [1k] Singulus10Black attacks from too weak a position
stonefun [1k] vs [1k] hexagoban9Both players fight too hard
xiangyang [1k] vs [1k] DooM7Central walls get underused
parkwood [1k] vs [1k] knopfjim8White plays the vital moves better than Black
RenkHize [1k] vs [1k] polyso10Black destroys White across the board
Danqaqa [4d] vs [1d] Korea4K1Black hangs tough
regigigas [6d] vs [1d] horowitz7Shodan takes on 6 dan in multi-group fight
koc2700 [1d] vs [1d] hmanners10Vital moves missed by both players
AndrewJ [1d] vs [1d] krusty9A mix of underplays and overplays
chigusa [2d] vs [1d] pirika11Black plays one too many small moves
vyg10561 [1d] vs [1d] cont5510A game with twists and turns
Royksopp,dragonito [4d] vs [1d] Shanti,haltija10A rengo game!
Yeyah [1d] vs [1d] Wisteria9Game of almost constant pressure
nilopodos [1d] vs [1d] s2ss9Early resignation in Dan level game
LonelyJoy [6d] vs [2d] MicMac9White must reduce an enormous moyo
weige [3d] vs [2d] shyhfeng10Intense fight that ends in a fine tesuji
Finn4d [6d] vs [2d] Hightime11A 2 dan stands firm against a 6 dan
unripe [3d] vs [2d] amino01149White plays very high style
kgskgs [2d] vs [2d] MrMoto10Two slightly unusual joseki
CronoV2 [3d] vs [2d] askew10Many Black stones die but Black still leads
rrrrrr [3d] vs [3d] leo2011liu10White pushes his luck a little too much
bukotsu [6d] vs [3d] leo2011liu8Big fighting game with sharp reading
AhSayuni [4d] vs [3d] Quman8A great game of logical play
momiji [4d] vs [3d] roselia9Black punishes some White over-stretching
rock3d [5d] vs [4d] FaultN1A delicious multi-group fight.
RiverSheep [5d] vs [4d] chiuys11Street fighting Go style
Nilatarion [3d] vs [4d] Siasio10Two opening moves on the 2nd line
Makomako [5d] vs [4d] Polnareff9A game pivoting around large scale fighting
crowis [9d] vs [5d] Karnesun8White aggression just about works
goliard [8d] vs [6d] aguilar19A highly volatile high dan game
kyoungnang [9d] vs [6d] Whatelse11Powerful 9 dan play builds from slow start
B2OBA [6d] vs [6d] miracle8Game decided by a big capture race
twoeye [7d] vs [7d] Neufx93It all leads to a massive liberty race
demonhunt [8d] vs [7d] Xpert13A fabulous example of creative Go
MilanMilan [9d] vs [7d] twoeye18The strongest player on KGS
TesujiMan [8d] vs [7d] onelove10A gripping, bloody battle
cower [8d] vs [6d] twoeyeProtracted battle against the odds
pblshtwzrs [9d] vs [8d] BUM8Outlandish attempt to live in a big moyo
channaisan [9d] vs [8d] kghin11Accurate, clever fighting turns the tables
yenw [9d] vs [4k] rstefanVery deep invading ...
bigbadwolf [9d] vs [9d] MilanMilan10Very volatile top amateur dan game
ProJeong Daesang [9p] vs [3p] Yun Jihee9The dangers of saving a group with thin shape
Choe Weon-yong [4p] vs [9p] Yi Chang-ho21Simplifying the understanding of a pro game
Mukai Chiaki [3p] vs [5p] Umezawa Yukari8Early resignation in pro game
Hikosaka Naoto [9p] vs [7p] Yamada Kimio12Professional game starts like a Kyu game
Hikosaka Naoto [9p] vs [9p] Hane Yasumasa9Central fight leaves White very thin
Rin Kaiho [9p] vs [9p] Ko Mosei9White takes a risk inside a Black moyo
Kong Jie [Pro] vs [Pro] Wang Lei11Gigantic moyo in a pro game
Go Seigen [9p] vs [9p] Kitani Minoru10Famous pro game fuseki review
Kitani Minoru [9p] vs [] Ishigure Makiko16Pro game with a deep moyo invasion